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Reupholstering usually includes:
-Stripping of old fabric
-Stripping the piece down to wooden skeleton
-Re-tighten the frame
-Other materials may include foam, Dacron, coconut hair and down

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About Upholstery Tools

Upholstery Hammer
An upholstery hammer is a lightweight hammer used for securing upholstery fabric to furniture frames using tacks. Usually, one face of the hammer is magnetized to aid in placement of tacks. Once started, the tacks are driven with the other face. To apply tacks rapidly an upholsterer will hold tacks in the mouth and spit them onto the magnetized face of the hammer.

Upholstery Needle
An upholstery needle is a needle used for upholstery. There is a variety of sizes, but they are usually thick and curved. The curved needle allows for repairs on finished items where only one side of the fabric is accessible. Another type of needle used by upholsterers is the button needle, which is a very long needle used to install buttons with heavy twine through pillows, cushions and furniture backs. An upholstery needle is also used by cosmetologists for the installation of hair weaves.

Webbing Stretcher
A webbing stretcher is an upholstery tool used to stretch upholstery fabrics for a snug fit. It is used primarily for the stretching of webbing used in 8-way hand tying. It consists of metal spikes that grab the webbing and is used to pull the webbing tight. In 8-way hand tying, metal bands are affixed to the webbing for extra support and to facilitate the placement of the coils.

Upholstery Regulator
An upholstery regulator is an upholstery tool which smooths irregularities in the stuffing beneath the coverings. Whilst it looks similar to a needle it is heavier; like needles the regulator comes in various gauges and lengths. It is used to poke through the various layers to adjust the stuffing before the final cover is put in place.

Stuffing Iron
A related tool is the stuffing iron, which is used to push the stuffing into the curves and corners of a piece of furniture; it has a narrow piece of steel with one toothed edge to grab loose stuffing and place it in the hard to reach spots.